Team Leaves

Overview Team’s Leaves #


You can take a brief overview of your teams’ Leave activities here.


  • Go to the -> Request -> All Request.



  • You may get a complete overview of your team here by clicking on it.



Apply for Leave on behalf of your Team #


  • Go to the Request -> Add New Request-> Leave Request.



  • Fill in the Following Details and click on Save.



  • This request will be added to the list of pending tasks. The administrator can then approve or reject it with a single click.
  • The administrator can view the pending tasks’ leave requests, loan requests, advance requests, and expense requests.



How to Approve and Reject Team Leaves Requests? #


When it comes to approving and rejecting employee leave, PayPeople offers two different options.

  • Go to the Dashboard -> Pending Tasks-> Click on Request.



  • Go to the ESS/Other-> Approval.



  • Click on any Employee.


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