ZKTeco Integration #


PayPeople will track the employee clock-in and clock-out automatically from the specified locations after you connect with Zkteco. The biometric device and Paypeople can be integrated, which makes it easier to manage attendance data.


  • Go to Setup -> Integrations.



  • Go to ZKTeco -> Connect.



What we can do here:

  • Search for the location where you wish to connect your device.
  • Add the machine’s configured static IP address.
  • Include the port number where the mapped IP address is mapped.
  • Add the password if any on the Attendance Machine.
  • Verify the device either on System Generated Code or Attendance Machine Code.



Google Calendar #


You can sync Company Events, Time off, and public holidays as Events on Google Calendar.

  • Go to Google Calendar -> Connect.



  • Click on add account.



  • Enter your Google Email and verify it.
  • Click on Save.



SMTP Configuration #


You can Configure your SMTP on PayPeople and send emails for sending payslips, tasks, and much more to notify employees.

Instructions to Configure #

Follow these instructions to Configure your SMTP On PayPeople:

  • Go to Setup-> Integration and click on connect to Configure your email for sending payslips, tasks, and much more to notify employees.



  • Click on add account.



  • Fill in the following details and save them.



Active desired SMTP:

  • Click On Active Check Box to active email and click on it if you want to see important instructions.



Allow less secure apps:

  • Allow less secure apps in your google account and turn off 2-factor authentication into your account.
  • Turn off 2 step factor in your google account.



  • Then Allow less secure apps.


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