Performance Overview

You can choose from a variety of performance modules in PayPeople to measure the
performance of your employees.



Goals #

Goals are standards for achieving desired outcomes. They act as benchmarks and are crucial in
determining employee efforts. A good objective should be SMART, which stands for Specific,
Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. These objectives can be connected to the
jobs you create in Timesheet.

SkillSet #

Skillsets are specific abilities that aid in work performance. Accounting and computer languages
are examples of specialized skill sets. Different domains can be matched to skill sets.
Employees’ performance can then be evaluated using this information.

KRAs #

Your Key Result Areas are the tasks you must complete in order to fulfill your obligations and
meet your business objectives. Make sure your KRAs are detailed, measurable, and easy to
understand. A good KRA outlines the position’s continuing tasks as well as the objective and
benefits of carrying them out. Goals can also be rated and connected to KRAs.

Competency #

This is a set of information, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics that help employees
perform better. Analytical ability, networking, communication, and people management are

Feedback #

Giving and receiving feedback is critical to an organization’s success. The Feedback module
enables your employees to provide and receive feedback in two ways: peer-to-peer and to
report To.

Summary #

A summary is a questionnaire that will help a new or existing manager understand his or her
reporter’s performance.

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