How to add Employee Data? #


PayPeople HR and Payroll software enable you to manage all of your employees. You can also create a new employee, export employee excels, and upload new employee excels. You can edit your employees’ information directly from this section.

The appropriate tabs are used to organize the information. For instance, the “Team” tab will give information about the employee, but will also reveal personal information about the individual, such as contact details. All documents that the employee has submitted or that are pending will also be shown on the “Documents” page.


  •  Create a new employee by clicking on create new. 



  • Manually add Employees and fill in all information about your employees. And fill in all these fields.



Excel Upload #

  • Simple upload excels files and uploads hundreds of employees at once.



  • Download the format, fill in excel, and upload.



How to edit Employee Data? #

  • Employee personal data such as employee profile picture, name, email address, gender, and date of birth can be edited in the personal, employee section.



  • Here you can make changes to someone’s profile in terms of personal information.



  • You can edit an employee’s hiring date, joining date, office location, department, and designations in the official section of their profile.



  • Here you can change or edit an employee’s official information.




  • In PayPeople we can view or edit an employee’s salary in the section of Salary.



  • Here you can edit or select the type of salary, pay period (payroll), basic salary, salary template, allowance, contributions, and deductions.



  • You can edit leaves or time off in the employee profile’s leave section.



  • Here you can edit or select the Time Off Policy, add days and add to the list.



  • Click on Save.



  • You can edit  Employee’s Dependent.



  • You can upload documents in the employee profile document section and Add them to the list.



  • Employee time rules, attendance, and employee self-service can all be managed in the Attendance Section.



  • You have the ability to change employees’ email addresses and passwords.



How to Check Employee Login? #


As an HR manager and administrator, you can examine employees’ login Time and relevant information, including the date and time of their most recent login and their status, as well as manually add new users.



  • Go to Setup>>Security.



How to Edit Employee Login Data? #


  • You can manually edit any user’s information by clicking on them.



View Organization Tree #


This feature enables you to know the structure of your organization at a quick glance. For ease of use, Zoom-In and Zoom-Out use the respective icons at the top left corner.


  • Go to Team Tab>> Org Chart >> Team Org Chart.



  • To access the employee’s profile, click the three dots in the top right corner and then select employee profile.



  • Go to Team Tab >> Org Chart >> Salary Org Chart.



  • To access the employee’s profile, click the three dots in the top right corner and then select employee profile.

View Employee Directory #


The organization’s whole employees are included in the employee directory, separated by department, location, and job title.



  • You can view your available employees in two different ways.
  • The first view is the Grid view.



  • The second is a Detailed View. In the detail view, you can see your employee-related basic details like the total number of active and deactivated employees in the system, work locations, can print employee QR codes, and many other basic details.



Access Employee Reports #


You can create a wide range of reports using Paypeople to analyze employee trends.



  • Go to Other Tab >>Reports.



  • Go under the relevant section for the report you want to access.
  • Apply the filters->click on view Report.


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