My Attendance

How to Mark an Attendance through PayPeople? #


  1. Employee can mark his/her attendance from PayPeople Web App and Mobile App.
  2. To Mark Attendance from Web App;
      • Go to Dashboard and Click on Clock In.



  • When shfit end you can check out using Clock Out Button.



How to View an Attendance? #


  • Go to My Attendance.



  • Here you can see your attendance according to the current day—different types of signs marked against the day according to a kind of attendance.



How to Filter Attendance? #


  • You can Filter the attendance according to Location, department, and Designation.




Attendance Detail #


  • You can see your clock-in and click-out activity by select the symbol representing the Attendance Status.



  • Click on the Symbol.



How to check Overtime? #


In My Attendance you can your overtime of the month.

  • Go to My Attendance  > My Overtime.


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