Getting Started

How Do I Log In And Out Of PayPeople? #


  • First, open the app. , enter your username and password, and click the Sign-in button.



  • Or, go to website. Click on Sign In Enter your username and password, and click the Sign-in button on PayPeople.



How to Logout from PayPeople? #


  • To sign out or log out of PayPeople, click on the PayPeople logo in the upper left corner.



  • The pop-up box on the left top side of the screen displays various options; click on the logout button on the bottom right side of the pop-up box.



How to Change Password into PayPeople? #

  • To change your PayPeople password, simply click on the logo in the upper right corner.



  • Various options will appear in the pop-up box on the left-hand side of the screen; click on the change the Password button in the pop-up box’s center.



  • Fill in the fields that appear on the screen.


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