Review Questions

It’s a feature you can include in your appraisal cycle that allows employees to answer questions
about their job, performance, and overall work environment.

How to add and manage Review Questions? #


  •  To add and manage review questions, navigate to Setup > Performance > Review Questions.



  • To add your questions, click + Review Questions.
  • They will all appear in the upper right corner under the Question Catalog as you add



  • By clicking +Add, you can rapidly add more questions.



  • To edit or delete a question, simply hover next to it and click the respective icon.
  • Use Map Questions to map the review questions to specific Designations and Departments after adding your questions. After choosing the desired entity from the drop-down menu, click Map Questions.




  • You can use a prepared collection of review questions for specific entities in
    self-assessments, multi-rater reviews, and the final review process.
  • While configuring a new appraisal cycle under Modules to be included, enable the Review
    Questions for the associated processes.



  • The questions assigned to different entities for the eligible employees will be auto-populated based on the modules for which Review Questions is enabled. They’ll be able to see the questions and respond to them.

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