My Profile

How to View Profile? #


  • To view your profile Go to ESS/Other -> Profile.



  • You can view all of your information here.


How to view Documents? #


  • To view your documents Go to ESS/Other -> My Team Profile -> Docs.



Company Files #


Company Files include the document that belongs to the company and has to share with the employees of the company.

What we can do here:

  • View Company Documents or files here.



My Files #


In this section, you can see the files that you previously attached to the employee profile.



How to view Task? #


You can view your pending and completed tasks by following these steps.

Go to ESS/Other -> Profile -> My Team Profile -> Tasks.



  • You can view here all of your personal and office tasks which are completed, pending and overdue.
  • You may also view your tasks by clicking the Dashboard button at the right side of this window.



How to Create Tasks? #


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