PayPeople was born out of frustration from using HR software that sucks. We were constantly disappointed with the antiquated clunky interfaces that were being slapped on HR and the employee community. We resorted to changing the world for HR and if our customer feedback is any indicator, we seem to have done our job quite well. Our understanding of the problems in managing and nurturing talent, backed by our technical expertise makes us the killer team!


Real-time sync of employee attendance from Biometric machines / Mobile Attendance App. PayPeople is a cloud-based software that captures employees’ TIME IN & TIME OUT from our biometric machines / Faces Recognition readers / Mobile Apps. The attendance data will real-time sync to the Time Attendance Software.


Paypeople has the customizable options to create multiple shift patterns with different Overtime & Lateness rules. Attendance data can be linked to PayPeople Payroll Software or can be exported to Excel, CSV, or real-time sync to other applications.


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