360-degree reviews that do not necessitate a PHD

Paypeople 360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan makes it simple to set up reviews across roles, bands, and departments. Allow for much easier collaboration and gain better insights into your people so that no roadblocks affect your employees’ performance.

360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad

Control thousands of reviews

Paypeople review workflow is completely scalable, allowing it to manage thousands of employees.
You can now administer the entire nominations, assessment, and calibration process in a matter of minutes
with the click of a button.

360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad


Your staff will appreciate you for streamlining the evaluation procedure

Paypeople Payroll Software in Pakistan in a review cycle, there is already enough concern for those who are employed. The best you can do is simplify the procedure and spare them the trouble. Your staff will therefore be able to access evaluation forms with an intuitive layout to promote flexibility at the press of a button.

360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad
Continuous Feedback Software in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan


Managers can concentrate on people. Not in the Process

To rate the various team members, your managers can view all of the evaluation forms on a bird’s eye view dashboard. They will also have access to the entire history of feedback. There is no longer any need to recall information from the previous year or more.


Employees can request feedback from management or their peers

Give your employees the option to select past coworkers to be included in the review. So that everyone can provide and receive input, it enables a 360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan. To ensure openness and trust between all parties in the organisation, your management will always have a say in who gets to be a stakeholder.

360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad

With the support of PayPeople, we were able to manage our 15,000 employees with simplicity, which was a significant step forward in our digital transformation path.

Tufail Gill

Vice President HR

360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad


Examine your goals and competencies, or create your own questionnaire

You can conduct a multi-dimensional assessment of the abilities, behavioral competencies, and performance of your employees using Paypeople’s HR Software in Pakistan. Monitor ongoing progress and use pre-made templates or make your own (questionnaires, multiple-choice tests, etc.) to incorporate your goals and important findings into the analysis.


Examine performance, potential, and advancement

Different purposes do not necessitate separate procedures, whether you are reviewing for one or more outcomes. Use the evaluation process to meet the requirements for a promotion or a pay raise.

360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad

Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations can manage and collect employee performance information from a variety of business stakeholders, including managers, peers, leaders, and clients, using a 360 Degree Review Software in Pakistan. It is essential to the organization’s ability to effectively monitor performance and set staff goals based on feedback.

Multi-rater feedback, commonly referred to as 360-degree feedback, is a method for assessing an employee’s effectiveness in a variety of positions, including manager, peer, reportee, and so forth. Additionally, 360-degree feedback offers executives a discrete and thorough way to obtain important data and different viewpoints that they would not otherwise receive.

Through 360-degree feedback, we are given a comprehensive picture of each person’s skills, performance, actions, goodness, and occasionally less-than-ideal attitudes. It helps businesses get rid of the threat posed by a single perception. One person’s perspective may be biased or insufficient when organizations want to evaluate people for leadership positions or promotions.

The 360-degree software from Paypeople includes an easy-to-use list of features that make it possible for both individuals and the company to effectively manage performance. Organizations may maintain staff engagement and motivation by utilising features like one-on-one meetings and continuous feedback in Paypeople PMS.

The 360-degree feedback platform from Paypeople is ideal for businesses with a growth mindset and employees who want to advance in all facets of their careers. Setting the right goals and OKRs for the team is all that is required; Paypeople will be by your side the entire time, helping you to achieve those goals.


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